A Tango with Cancer

My Perilous Dance with Healthcare & Healing

A Tango with Cancer is a spellbinding narrative of a cruel twist of fate. Chronicling the raw emotions and realities of her experience, author Apryl Allen openly shares her encounter with today’s healthcare system. Her candid portrayal transports the reader through the tormenting uncertainties of a life-altering health misfortune.

A Tango with Cancer book cover | Author Apryl Allen


Apryl Allen | Shape Shifter Album cover

Traditional stories and family legacy is the genesis of these contemporary arrangements. Infused with Numunuu (Comanche) language, music and sounds Shape Shifter won Best Pop Recording at the 2009 NAMMYs

Apryl Allen | Morningstar album cover

Morningstar is an eclectic compilation of music spanning varied genres—Blues, Bossa-Nova, Jazz, Country, Pop, Adult Contemporary and World Music. Velvet Voice, a featured track, was voted #1 Jazz Song in 2009

Apryl Allen | Black Moon Remix album cover

Black Moon (Tuhu Mua) Club and Dance Mix—for those who love living on the edge!

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