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Na Unu Nahai (Shape Shifter)

Apryl Allen Shape Shifter Album
Release Date: November 7, 2008
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About Na Unu Nahai (Shape Shifter)

A journey that began with a search for heritage and ancestry became an exploration of family long gone. Rich with conflict, sacrifice and death; filled with hope and resolve, the journey resulted in an understanding and respect for Comanche legacy and pride – Apryl Allen’s birthright.

Respect for her ancestors and their way of life is integral to the real-life stories relayed herein; it is supported by documents and oral history from family elders. Her lyrics and melodies are touchstones for relating life altering events of her family’s past.

This process has been as much a right of passage as a musical endeavor. Apryl is respectful yet forthright in her assessments, she is proud to be part of such a legacy and honors it in the best way she can, through her music.


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