Welcome to my website, I hope your visit sparks something within, maybe provoking a hidden dream that becomes reality. Here you will find the pathways of my past, present and future. It was exciting revisiting areas of my life—both unexpected successes and heart-wrenching realities. Dreams so vivid you could touch some while others, for whatever reason, slip away into the distant world they came from. Always there will be more—and with them come new friendships and experiences.

Life has taught me to dig in and believe in myself—throwing fear and caution to the wind. Ultimately releasing the whispers and voices within my heart, beckoning to those willing to share. I love life. I love people. I love cultures and stories. I love history, art and music—all intertwine, all are my reality, all are here.

Thank you for spending time with me . . . observe, remember and take flight.

Forever grateful,